Monday, December 23, 2013

2008 BAKUC: SD Football Group Build

If I m not mistaken, this is the first group build I ever have since I was introduced to ZeroG forum in 2007. A supposedly fun & stress free group build of SDs, although, in the end, proof to be quite a pressure for some participants.

There were 2 stages for this GB. The first will be most of the participants building certain specific SDs, while the second phase will be some of the participants in charge of putting everything together. We decided to make a football diorama using the SDs.

Basically there r a few in charge of building SD, one to build the props - goal post, flags, football, one to construct n print all the digital images - background, dialog, nametag, one to provide acrylic box, one to gel everything together

Amateurish it is, but nvr fail to put a smile on my face..... :)

 photo P6202675.jpg  photo P6202698.jpg  photo P6202695.jpg  photo P6202694.jpg  photo P6202692.jpg  photo P6202691.jpg  photo P6202688.jpg  photo P6202681.jpg  photo P6202680.jpg  photo P6202677.jpg  photo P6202676.jpg  photo PB090012cropped.jpg

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