Friday, December 20, 2013

2008 BAKUC - Zaku Head diorama

This is my entry for 2008 BAKUC.

The main subject is 1/35 UCHardGraph Zaku head set, with a few 1/35 military figures. The story is about a scene in maintenance base, two tester decided to raise the supposedly top-of-the-line, most advance in technology ZakuII prototype unit's camera's lens to peep over a female co-worker.... Well cheesy story.... :p

This's the first time i dealt with LED and optical fiber. Optical fiber I used is derived from an old Christmas tree, hence only later I realised it is already fatigue and gave me helluva problem of lighting leak n such.....

Anyway, my first attempt of building a dio with a little humor......

 photo 87923903-PA150334.jpg photo 21174764-PA150353.jpg photo 310875755-PA150352.jpg photo 63297341-PA150347.jpg photo 39349995-PA150338.jpg photo 08857306-PA150345.jpg photo 34931378-PA150350.jpg photo 87858561-PA150341.jpg photo 23847414-PA150340.jpg photo 34477117-PA150344.jpg photo 48327419-PA150354.jpg photo 168129105-PA150359.jpg photo 18757471-PA150361.jpg photo 18796652-PA150365.jpg photo 33755388-PA150357.jpg photo 429101118-PA150362.jpg photo 453259610-PA150358.jpg photo 853210417-PA150363.jpg photo 103826942-PA150360.jpg photo 42515233-PA150374.jpg photo 89636832-PA150366.jpg photo 14390765-PA150381.jpg photo 57483330-PA150364.jpg photo 56216562-PA150369.jpg photo 875210779-PA150367.jpg photo 66798873-PA150377.jpg photo 79183822-PA150383.jpg photo 57681233-PA150376.jpg photo 67385932-PA150382.jpg

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