Monday, December 16, 2013

MG 1/100 Unicorn - BLUE ; 2010 Blue Frame vs Unicorn GB

Well, as the title, this is another GB another project......

The main focus of this build is to try out full pearl color. The armor is white/silver pearl while the psycho frame is gray covered with clear added with blue reflect pearl. Other stuff is just pretty standard detailing.

The armor pearl i would say is kinda torturing as pearl, as metallic paint, or worse, amplify any imperfection on the surface. In the end, I have gotta re-do, and use flat base color to reduce the imperfection visually.

As for the psycho frame, it's a major failure. Before assembly, when u look at them, they look absolutely fabulous: areas without hilight, exactly like inner frame grey. But where there is hi light, it turns to a soft, beautiful blue shade of light.

The problem is, after assembled, the area visible is very little, and most of them r under the outter armor's shade/shadow. Besides that, the lack of curvy surface, make the reflection even harder to see.

So in the end, basically it just looks like a unicorn with grey inner frame.... T.T

For WIP #1 unicorn-wip-1
For WIP #2 unicorn-wip-2
For WIP #3 unicorn-wip-3

 photo P5242166.jpg photo P5242167.jpg photo P5242169.jpg photo P5242170.jpg photo P5242171.jpg photo P5242172.jpg photo P5242178.jpg photo P5242180.jpg photo P5242187.jpg photo P5242189.jpg photo P5242191.jpg photo P5242199.jpg photo P5242210.jpg photo P5242211.jpg photo P5242215.jpg photo P5242221.jpg photo P5242230.jpg photo P5242232.jpg photo P5242234.jpg photo P5242235.jpg photo P5242236.jpg photo P5242242.jpg photo P5242243.jpg photo P5242264.jpg photo P5242283.jpg photo P5242270.jpg photo P5242291.jpg photo P5242292.jpg photo P5242293.jpg photo P5242298.jpg photo P5242301.jpg

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