Monday, December 16, 2013

MG 1/100 Unicorn WIP# 2

huhu... I guess this is a diagram I was trying to explain section C design in ZeroG forum.....

A little armor seperation to show off psychoframe...... nothing much for the thigh......

Just redo a little of shape on the front skirt......

extend the inner frame that holds the psychoframe, and make the lower armor slightly thicker. All this mainly to create some visual differences...

Again.... & again....... dunno why i keep these kinda photos.....

Lengthen the manhood part.....

I seriously wanna cry..... looks like some stuff i hv put in quite some effort, but, I DONT REMEMBER  WTH is that!!!!???

Front and back

This is one of my favorite. The back skirt. Drill holes, make vents for thruster.

 photo 20jan02.jpg photo 20jan03.jpg photo 20jan04.jpg
Hohoho, just a concept. Find the light saber mechanism plus the forearm armor somehow easily transform that looks like a small crossbow.... even can put in extra ammunition from its own rifle..... Hahah

 photo 11feb28.jpg photo 11feb29.jpg
Huhu, in the end, still make  one...... actually i think it looks ugly as hell.... :p

 photo 11feb21.jpg photo 11feb17.jpg photo 11feb16.jpg

 photo 11feb18.jpg photo 11feb19.jpg photo 11feb20.jpg
Detailing for the sides. Main thing is, again, to expose psycho-frame.

 photo 11feb25.jpg photo 11feb26.jpg photo 11feb27.jpg photo 11feb28.jpg photo 11feb29.jpg
Some more pictures on the forearm....

 photo 11feb13.jpg photo 11feb15.jpg photo 11feb14.jpg
This is a way i love to deal with armor gap. Instead of just a simple straight line, add sections of pla plate, sand of the seamline n the armor gap will have some design on them.

 photo 11feb03.jpg photo 11feb04.jpg
 photo 11feb05.jpg photo 11feb06.jpg
adding pla-plate, trimming off edges, etc just to make it visual more abundant.

 photo 11feb09.jpg photo 11feb10.jpg photo 11feb12.jpg photo 11feb11.jpg
Make a pseudo piston/hydraulic(which piston is not? :p)

 photo P1011988.jpg photo 11feb08.jpg photo 11feb07.jpg
Another thing I don't remember..... but WTH, the shoulder looks like this after everything....

Pretty much for this round......

For Completed Kit:

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