Monday, December 16, 2013

MG 1/100 Unicorn WIP# 3


 photo P1012054.jpg photo P1012056.jpg
Original chest part. think it's too flat and symmetrical. Gonna do something....

 photo P1012060.jpg photo P1012057.jpg photo P1012061.jpg photo P1012064.jpg
Pla-plate added to raised certain parts. The side, cut of a part from the back piece n join it with the front piece. To make the whole chest less unified n symmetrical.

 photo P1012069.jpg photo P1012066.jpg
more pla-plating......

 photo P1012055.jpg photo P1012074.jpg
Looking good......

 photo P1012070.jpg photo P1012076.jpg photo P1012072.jpg photo P1012073.jpg
The open part of the chest. Make something inspired by Zeta Gundam.

 photo P1012077.jpg photo P1012078.jpg photo P1012079.jpg photo P1012080.jpg
Since I have plan to let the unicorn carries a BFG, just prepare some inlet for 2 cable that connects the BFG with backpack. Koto parts used.

 photo P1012081.jpg
This i remember is a photo i tried to explain armor gap building in ZeroG forum.

 photo P1012084.jpg photo P1012086.jpg photo P1012085.jpg photo P1012087.jpg
Backpack done!

 photo P1012129.jpg photo P1012131.jpg photo P1012133.jpg photo P1012134.jpg photo P1012132.jpg photo P1012130.jpg photo P1012136-2.jpg photo P1012136.jpg
Construction of the BFG. Basically just some bashingwith the original rifle, koto armore core parts, some metal parts, springs etc. The picture with lable of 1,2,3..... sorry forgot why i did that. should be some explanation......

 photo P3082142.jpg photo P3082143.jpg
Just some photo for the satay stick forest... :p

 photo teaser.jpg
Last photo for WIP, all setup before sent to BAKUC.
Yeah the blue color psycho frame, they do look blue from photo. it's atually gray with pearl powder that reflects blue. Nice concept, but because the parts lacks curvy surface, unless u move your head right n right while looking at the same spot, u wont able to see the changing color.
This consider a failure.

For Completed Kit:

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