Thursday, June 26, 2014

Food Sample - (NagaHiro Ka 永浩屋)Fried Rice Set

On the 6th June, 2014, a fine Saturday, we had a quick, on-the-spot group build in ICW.

The subject is to make food sample, some consumer packaged DIY food sample, just the same as those in window display at Japanese restaurant; which few of us bought in the shopping complex beneath Sky tree during our last visit to tokyo. After 2 years, we decided to spend one afternoon to make them.

There'r a few of us: Jonathan, KY Fong, Ronnie Phoon, CF Toon. Well, that s a really fun filled afternoon.

This is my kit for the Group build, a level 1 (:p) Fried Rice; which I added some extra stuff to make it into a Fried Rice Set. The self-made restaurant, nagahiro ka, is based on my chinese name pronounced in Jpn.

The set consist of fake rice (in two tones of color), chashu, green onion, fish cake, green beans (all fake), a really ugly plate and plastic spoon, and a bottle of white thick liquid that looks like PVA glue to me.

One week before the GB, we had a pre-GB outing, to Sg wang n BTS to search for proper Japanese restaurant utensils. Since I was thinking of making it into a fried rice set, i had bought an extra Jpn cup for showcasing green tea too.

Basically, not much work needed to be done on my set, since it's a level 1 set, merely cutting the chachu, fish cake, and green onion into something that looks real. Just regreted the chashu n fish cake was cut a little too small to my liking... should have been in slightly bigger piece so the the color on these food can be seen easier.

As for the green tea, I was using epoxy resin (Sponsored by Damian, thanks bro!) mixed with enamel paint. Overall, I think i had added a little too much paint n the tea looks a little too "Kaw". However, with the help of the real Jpn tea cup, it is convincing enough and i m not really complaining too much :p

 photo P1011205.jpg photo P1011219.jpg  photo P1011220.jpg

Overall, i am pretty satisfied with the quality and ease to complete of this kit. Really had a lot of fun!!!!