Monday, June 2, 2014

Overkill Group Build: Fly Kite!!? Wip #1

This is a project for Overkill Group build of forum. My subject of overkill is basically trees.

It's quite normal to see trees n vegetation in Gunpla dioramas, but seldom there s a very heavy n dense forest....

I am working on 3 MG 1/100 ver 2.0 Zakus. I must say I am impressed with Bandai. Such nice kits! Great articulation n solid model!.

After snapfitting the zakus, next is to do a layout paln. Styrofoam, with white glue.
With the help of styrofoam cutter n soldering gun....

This is the basic shape of the terrain.

basic position, though later i have changed 2 of the zakus' positions.

Trim the base to the size I wanted.
basic texture: done by router.

basic texture: done by blade; with sharper edge effects

I use surfacer as it gives a bit of body after dried. This is to create emboss texture n as a buffer to smoothen out what i had done previously.

Parts salvaged from the inner frame... :p

This round the rust on the meral spring, i have decided to use real rust. I should have use some acid, but since unavailable in the workshop, decided to change to salt n heated water.
First sand off the protective layer, then throw into salt hot water.
Took 10 minutes to satrt, half a day to have some rust, 2 days to filled with rust. After that spraylacquer on top to seal it a bit.

In water, it look much more intense....

The concrete on the dio base. Need get 'em ready before i start spray colors......

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