Monday, June 2, 2014

Overkill Group Build: Fly Kite!!? Wip #2

 Pre-shade. This round instead on the normal spray-on-the-edge, i decided to do some color texture....

Initially tried to do it with carious colors instead of just various shapes. Honestly the effect is pretty good. the only thing is, for the amount of work, the beauty is way too subtle. So....... decided a no-go.

Pre-shade the base.

This round, decide to use acrylic for paint chipping effect. Vallejo is chosen due to its high color pigment, Thank you Lim Soo Jin for the tips, demo, n the loan of paints.

using some cheap sponge, and Vallejo paint. The last picture is to get rid of extra paint from the sponge.

First test on unwanted part with different colors.

Just some example, before & after.

Since I m doing still water, the material i choose to use is epoxy resin, a hi-liquidity slow curing solution. The fully cure duration is about 16 hours.
From photo, can see initially there s quite a bit of bubbles, use fire to burst them.
Besides that, attempt of doing a subtle stream, moving water effect on the resin, but seems like failed.

Initial idea, instead of doing a sewer hole, was thinking of doing a small steam/waterfall. hence this testing subject. From photo, this has already 2 layers. First layer, at the bottom, the resin is mixed with a little enamel paint, the color is to show the depth of the water. second layer, top, pure clear.

since it's done, at the end of the experiment, decided to do running water too, with woodland scenic's water effect. From photo, it looks still ok, but in real, suck big time. abandon it.

some indication on the problems i encounter..... which i've forgotten WTH are them.... Hohoho

trees test run.

dye some cloth......for props.....

props, for dry leaves.....

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