Monday, March 2, 2015

BBSTC Two Wheeler Group Build - 1/12 Suzuki Hayabusa GSX 1300R

This is an old kit I bought n had been wanting to build but just got delayed. Now, am using this build to join BBSTC's Two wheeler Group Build
BBSTC (Big Boy Small Toy Club) link
Two Wheeler Group Build Event Page

Ok, as usual photo first, talk later. (especially when I am gonna share all the noob mistakes i made in this project :p

Just that when I went downstairs of ICW to take some outdoor picture, suddenly it turn dark n start raining. Hence, really bad lighting.... (The rain stopped when i moved everything upstairs... duh!)
 photo P1011230.jpg  photo P1011233.jpg  photo P1011229.jpg
 photo P1011267.jpg  photo P1011280.jpg  photo P1011254.jpg  photo P1011246.jpg  photo P1011235.jpg

Somehow I really love the photo etch effect for the radiator....... though it's so hidden, I just can't help to shoot a photo of it :p
 photo P1011283.jpg  photo P1011270.jpg

Tamiya's chrome part is just beautiful!!!
 photo P1011271.jpg  photo P1011265.jpg  photo P1011259.jpg  photo P1011256.jpg

Should have gloss coat the speedo meter.
 photo P1011247.jpg  photo P1011246.jpg  photo P1011245.jpg

Beautiful Chrome!!!! So many people praise about how beautiful i made the frame..... which i have to tell them it's original Tamiya chrome!
 photo P1011243.jpg

At first i thought the gold photo etch would look weird, but actually it looks good n it actually ease my work so much.
 photo P1011242.jpg

Here are some photos without the cowling:

 photo P1011169.jpg  photo P1011167.jpg  photo P1011162.jpg  photo P1011204.jpg  photo P1011196.jpg  photo P1011183.jpg  photo P1011188.jpg  photo P1011209.jpg  photo P1011195.jpg  photo P1011215.jpg  photo P1011207.jpg

Huhu, just try out some filter mood shot XD
 photo P1011216.jpg

Basically, I must say Tamiya had done a really good job! The fitting is almost 100% flawless, chrome parts are as beautiful as it could gets, & assembly design is just way too friendly!

However, due to a long time I have not been doing motorcycle, and pretty much underestimate the difficulties m special care needed for such kits, I have made it a not so smooth process... XD

Basically, it is pretty much an OOB project. I have just done a little bit of detailing with metal transfer rivet, a few pieces of photo-etched parts, try on wrapping the seat with a fake leather sticker, and change the suspension spring. Other than that, just follow the instruction n spray.

The link for wip : tamiya-112-suzuki-gsx1300r-hayabusa-wip.html

I think this round it is more interesting in sharing all the stupid mistakes i had made. Because there r so many of them, i have had posted an entire blog post about it.
Confession of mistakes i made here :

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