Monday, March 2, 2015

Confession of a NOOB!!!!

Ok, confession: Hahahaahah!!!!!

1) Torn Decal: Basically the decal is old. I have tried some small part, n found it cracks. Thinking of the cracking isn't severe i decided not to use any decal rescue fluid.
When I apply the decal, the big piece cracked into 3~4 pieces, still manageable. Manage to make them pretty much perfect.
However, since the decal is old, which the glue would be weak, i decided to apply a little Mark setter, which consist of some adhesive in it besides melting the decal, n let the fluid sip underneath the decal.
The decal started to CRACK!!!!!!
The worst thing is, the decal is already soft at that time, which i cannot re-adjust the decal anymore!!!!!
 photo mistake - 8.jpg

2) Wrong sequence: the original plastic brake disc comes with pegs, which makes it quite durable. However, the photo etched brake disc doesn't, and only glued to the rim with 5 tiny points. I should have insert the wheel into the spokes, then after that only glue the  brake disc.
Since i terbalik the sequence, the brake discgot detached, n i gotta re-glue it onto the rim, which super glue on top of super glue, the brake disc is extremely fragile now..... DUH!
 photo mistake - 7.jpg

3) Gap!!!! The front connects to the main body through a male peg from the main body n the female peg on the front light. I didnt make preparation to make sure i have more flexibility when i final assemble the parts. As now, due to my mistake, I m not able to adjust anymore, n as a result, an ugly gap!
 photo mistake - 5.jpg

4) THIS IS EMBARASSING!!!!!!! Seeing how difficult n risky to take out the wheel again, I decided to ..... just leave it as it is!
 photo mistake - 6.jpg

5) Again, NOOB mistake of not doing preparation work. Forgot about the force that might incurred after the parts with multiple layer of coating.... Seamline cracked.... T.T
 photo mistake - 2.jpg

6) Old Metal Transfer................... Old old old..... Inititally was ok, but things got crazy when i apply wax n use cloth to wipe. Decided to leave it. T.T
 photo mistake - 3.jpg

7) Simple as this is..... glue mark!!!!!!
 photo mistake - 1.jpg  photo mistake - 4.jpg

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