Friday, March 27, 2015

Tony Tony Chopper GB: Robo No.5 Chopper Crane

Actually this is a gift I got from Siew Kong during our Christmas present exchange in 2014 Christmas /New Year party.

This is one of the 5 Chopper Robo series where the five different machine can combine with each other to form another machine; while all 5 can also combine into one huge machine/robo. Overall the build is something like a nice box of SD: typical Bandai easy snapfit and while there some parts separation, there'r quite some masking work needed. Something I am really bad at!

Ok, there'r some of the photo for this 3 week built. Will upload more photos for after 合体。

 photo poster-1.jpg

 photo P1011416.jpg

 photo P1011417.jpg

 photo P1011426.jpg
 photo P1011422.jpg
 photo P1011428.jpg
 photo P1011420.jpg
 photo P1011430.jpg

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