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MITEAM: Zero1st

* MITEAM: A short form of the phrase " Modeler IThe Eyes of A Modeler". This is just a simple blog based on my personal view to pay tribute and respect to fellow modelers who i know as personal friend.

Name: Shermen Lim

Pseudonym / Nickname: Zero1st

Usual Genre: Gunpla, Sci-fi, Resin Figurine

Description: No doubt, this is, if not the best, is one of the highest technical advance modeler in my regular ring of modelers friends. In Gunpla modeling and community, he is my senior.

When you look at his photo album, either in his photo hosting site, or social media, you will notice he has so much more of his wip photos than his completed built ones. This clearly shows that he is definitely a technical guy. The one thing that impress ( and shock) me most is his ability to modify to join parts so seamlessly that those parts are just tight enough to hold themselves yet can be seperated out again anytime; meaning, he assemble his work without glue: merely by the clever calculation n building of perfect joining. With this, one will have no doubt, he is too, i would consider the best articulation modifying modelers among our group of
friends (just look at how he'd made an SD pose so handsomely). That actually blew my mind!

Zero1st is a veteran is ACG, especially in mecha anime/manga, with great interest in, which help him develop really good design sense in mechanical design. As a result, with his great design and his modification skill, he has never failed to create something stunning , and can be considered as classic for those designs would still be referenced, copied, after many years.

In terms of fundamental works, he, too, produce top notch finishing kits: his clean build often considered as almost perfect kinda finishing. For weathering, maybe it looks a little weaker, only when compared hand in hand, with his own clean build work; but my opinion, is already somewhere top in Gunpla genre.

As for consistency, patience, and ability & willingness to push ownself further, Zero1st is also one of the modelers who i have met is so, so dedicated to this hobby. No doubt about it. He has always shown that he is ready to get outta his comfort zone and push himself even further.
Zero1st has been in Bandai's official competition many times, and won numerous prizes. For a modeler with such technical skill, redesigning ability and dedication in the hobby, I think it is a pity he hasn't gone to the top spot on the podium yet. For me, he has so much potential n he deserves to be there. I used to ponder over this matter and there are a few things I realized I couldn't ignore about it.

 photo z1st unicornw022 1.jpg         photo z1st 1383201_216046661903760_1777221628_n.jpg         photo z1st 1382914_216026111905815_636556164_n.jpg photo z1st 1390742_218848724956887_814586682_n.jpg photo z1st 11010528_446476908860733_4038591257329491806_n.jpg

Besides that, probably I ll add, the urge in winning!  Ok, i am not saying Zero1st is a saint, well, looking at his nickname as Tissue man, yeah he is no saint.  XD

Zero is a person with taste n art sense very much shaped by Japanese ACG. Although Bandai's BAKUC or GBWC, is an event closely linked to ACG culture, we can't deny that everything Bandai, as a business entity, does, is not very ACG. In fact, everything is just commercialized, business that is.
So when come to judging, whether the odl judges apponted by Bandai, an local or Bandai's SEA staff, non actually put too much emphasis in how it suits well in ACG culture. In fact, they r more concern about how the competition piece, which they have dumped in substantial amount of money, do attract the general public; in all irony, non ACG people.

So working on a scene in a Gundam anime? No. Doing modification that requires no explanation to veteran anime kaki but general public has no idea WTH is that? Big no no.

Does Zero actually knows about this? I would say being an intelligent young man, I have no doubt he does. However, often, his love about presenting something he wants to express, exceed the commercial or purpose-driven consideration that he would have to do in order to gain him more
advantage in competition. In short, he choose to build and present something he wants the world to see more than standing on the podium; if there r the only two choices he had.

During wip phase for year end compy project, there were quite a few times i asked myself why this f*cker is so f*cking stubborn? (Hahah, i used such words to express my frustration at that moment :p) However, after knowing him for longer time, that actually earns my respect, so much of them! True, as a friend, we wish to help our friends to achieve something "we believe is best" for them, but we often forget to realize what is the thing they really want.

So,i expect to see this most-technically-skillful friend of mine, to continue push himself and blow my mind!

Just a side note though: If one day he decides to go with the flow, and make the best out of the judging limitation, my advice to him will be: Look at the design Bandai does "IN" the anime vs the design Bandai does "FOR" ( to promote) the anime. The direction for your built should be as what Bandai does "FOR" (promoting) the anime.

Website: Do check out his Facebook Page of Zero!st FB page ( There are so many WIP photos adn one can really learn some tips n tricks in modification!!!! Serious solid skill!

Or Forum:

 photo z1st 1379521_216059751902451_726100297_n.jpg photo z1st 1394460_216007888574304_1031017985_n.jpg photo z1st 1375649_216039071904519_1921417393_n.jpg photo z1st 1377348_216020881906338_24992585_n.jpg photo z1st 1379246_216028855238874_42289742_n.jpg

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