Wednesday, February 3, 2016

Kronos The Harvester - COTT Build Off WIP#1

This is a project for a group build, Clash of The Titans Build Off, which the subject is RE1/100 graze from the Iron Blooded Orphan series.

Since the name is about titans, without thinking much, i associate it to Greek Mythology. Choosing Kronos, or Cronus, the God of Harvest, basically based on the reason.... well, not much of deep thinking of conceptualizing, merely because i feel like building a scythe is kinda cool. Hohohohoh!

In short, this is a build without much concept, merely driven by the weapon. Probably the only reason for building it is the weapon. Worse, actually i dont have big plans for the scythe. I am just thinking, well, a scythe.

Oh, besides that, I find the name Kronos or Cronus sounds interesting too. Hahahahaah!!!!

So, it goes from here......

 photo banner-2.jpg

First, i would say Bandai has done a very good job. snapfitting this kit is so enjoyable. Amount of parts is a little like the early MGs, plusso much advancement in terms of structure.

The immediately I realise i do not like is the way Bandai make the waist hydraulic (or piston, some may want to see it as). I am one of the early modelers who were totally awed by Naoki's Zeta. However, I find the way Bandai's made it, it just shorten the waist so much it doesn't look slick at all. So the first thing, increase the length of the waist, and yet, maintain the "S" shape posture (which i think this, Bandai has done a wonderful job!!!)

Instead of cut off the middle part (too much work for me :p), i decided to tilt the joint connecting to the groin area so that i could raise the chest  up to reveal more of the waist n ribs area.

 photo P1232440.jpg  photo P1232443.jpg

Besides that, I will tilt the 2 main hydraulic tube outward a little for better visual (V shape body :p). Added aluminium rod for support.
(Side note: I really love this product, produced by Wave. Straight aluminium solid rod. It's soft, straight, and can be polished n it will look like chrome)
 photo P1232444.jpg

Much better.
 photo P1232442.jpg

 photo P2022473.jpg



Ok, it is more of the neck than the head. Since I am trying to to make a Greek like inspired Mecha that should look a little scary, having a neck n head that look like a drawf's aint gonna do it.
Simple, lengthen the neck!

 photo P1242445.jpg

Slightly longer
 photo P1242446.jpg

Ok make a hole n put in metal spring. at least aint gonna look so empty.....

Oh, i realised just turn the chest up side down will make the chest look raised. ok, saves me a lot of work.....
 photo P1242447.jpg

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