Monday, February 15, 2016

Kronos The Harvester - COTT Build Off WIP#2

Ok, next the blurdy head......

Decided not to use the duck like helmet thingy hohoho.

Drill Hole for the "eye". Yes, mono eye all the way..........
 photo P1302449.jpg

Drill holes, holes, n holes. decide to plant some "hair" onto the rather bald head. Hopefully some hair will make it look more intimidating. I dunno what kinda rational it is, but... what the hell XD
 photo P1302450.jpg

Hair. Use Loreal for healthy and silky smooth hair..... Oh, in the end it will have 3 types of thicknesses of hair.
 photo P1302451.jpg

Drill extra holes (again). These are for the extra "eyes". So if i aint gonna have mono eye, i will have seven eyes altogether.
 photo P1302452.jpg

Another Loreal commercial. the front few will have some extra "hair clip" just to make her look beautiful...
 photo P1302453.jpg


Oh yeah, the white thing on the chest; since i flip over the chest piece, there's a hugh space at the chest. Still not sure i will build outer armor or simply let the inner frame to be exposed. Anyway, just build a simple outer armor first. Is flexible, i still can change my mind anytime....
 photo P1302455.jpg

 photo P1302456.jpg

My SB skill really sucks!!! This is the simple stuff i have come up with. Not really looking great, but it will be there for the meantime until later i have better idea.
 photo P1302457.jpg


After I have done with the abdomen area, i realize it looks a little empty/plain. Initially was thinking of slapping in some dunno-what-the-F*ck spare parts to make it looks more solid, since i have a hydraulic fetish (Not piston, mind you), i thought of why not i build another pair of smaller ones there?

 photo P2022469.jpg  photo P2022471.jpg

If u think it is a little "lebih"..........I dun care what u say.... i am loving it. Hydraulic rules!!!... hahahaahahah!!!!
 photo P2022474.jpg

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