Wednesday, February 24, 2016

Kronos The Harvester - COTT Build Off WIP#3


Well, this round, due to my lack of planning, there r quite some trial n error. Probably also due to being rusty ady, i cant really have a very clear image/visual in my mind n resolve into this build-fugly-throw stupid routine.....

Here's this round of work log:

SB a small portion of the upper chest to fill the empty space due to the reverse position of the original chest piece. In addition, added more piston; on the chest connecting the neck. Well, not really connecting, just visual.

 photo P2032478.jpg  photo P2032477.jpg

Got this Seed mecha as second hand kit, mainly for the purpose of kitbashing. Thank you Yee Siang for willing to sell me the kit despite i d told me it's mainly for dissection  :)

Added some evergreen...
 photo P2042484.jpg

Reverse the connection, modified the original parts for that too.
 photo P2042479.jpg

Seems not too bad...... before putting it on.
 photo P2032475.jpg

O.M.G...... it looks FUGLY!!! Especially after putting in the extra large foot part, the whole thing just looks like some badly done clown skirt..... ABANDON!!!!
 photo P2032476.jpg

At the meantime.... since i m already already using the kit.. either Arios or Kyrios or something like that, for convenience purposes, also i need a pointy front skirt....
 photo P2042481.jpg

Not too bad. Later will only test fit the feer to see the overall...
 photo P2042482.jpg

Ok, since the previous side skirt look stupid, decided to go another way. Use the backpack part; saw it out....
 photo P2052485.jpg

 photo P2052488.jpg photo P2122507.jpg

Pretty much it is i guess for the meantime.......
 photo P2122505.jpg


Let's try adding an extra piece of heavy add-on Armor at the groin... huhu, that needs special extra protection.
 photo P2122510.jpg

Hmmmm.............................. Looks a little overdo for now... ok let's put everything together and see.
 photo P2122509.jpg

Preparing the "feet"... not really a fott, but some extended innerparts for thrusters. This Graze should be one without foot.
I am using a China-made weapon. A little too long, hence get ready for some amputation surgery.
 photo P2122511.jpg  photo P2132515.jpg

This is just another idea i am totally not sure about..... adding some extra fin. doesn't look good from here.....
 photo P2132513.jpg

Hmmmmm...... hmmmm......
Honestly, do not look good at all. The extra front skirt piece totally block off the fragile waist which i purposely wanna make it look long n slim. Bad, bad.
 photo P2132517.jpg  photo P2132519.jpg  photo P2132522.jpg  photo P2132523.jpg

Without the big ass front cover, seems like it looks much better!!! slimmer waist follow by a big @ss.....
 photo P2132526.jpg  photo P2132524.jpg

But the front looks kinda too weak without the front armor piece though... just a lil too thin....
 photo P2132527.jpg

Maybe, if the front piece tilt a litttle more upwards, where the top part of the front skirt is more distanced from the waist?
Maybe. But i cant do that with the current front skirt, as the design of them, the two fat "feet" are at their ways. As a result, the front skirt always tilt outwards at the bottom.
 photo P2132529.jpg  photo P2132528.jpg

Ok., let's try another solution.
Get this GP03 parts from Honeymic. Thanks bro for selling it so dirt cheap to me!!! Huhu.
Center piece, gonna slit it into 2.
 photo P2132530.jpg

Ok, at least now it is not blocking the feet... but it is blocking the view of the waist! WTF......
 photo P2132531.jpg

Same sh*t.
 photo P2132532.jpg  photo P2132535.jpg

Time, really wasted.... hahahahah Also reminds me that try refrain from chatting n joking while u r doing design..... brainless attempt, waste time, waste parts, waste energy....

P/S: I realized I totally forgot to take photos of the back skirt!
 photo P2132536.jpg

A pretty much nothing-achieve-wip for this round........

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