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MML Competition: It's All About RESPECT! - Part #2 Explanation

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MML - Malaysia Modelers League

MML is not a formal society, club, or even a social media group. It is a league of like-minded people getting together to do and accomplish something, usually can't be done by any of us alone.

Yes, just like League of the Extra Ordinary Gentlemen, Justice League etc Hohohoho!

MML Competition Judging Style

  1. MML judging is very different from the conventional Gunpla competition which consist of: position 1, 2, 3 (winners) and everybody else (losers).
  2. MML competition will award every single eligible work based on points the judges have given. This is mainly because we strongly believe, every piece of work, regardless of the modeler's skill, as long as he has put in effort in completing it, the piece of work deserve to get recognition by the organizer.
  3. We respect every piece of work!
  4. The awards are divided into 5 categories: Platinum, gold, Silver, Bronze, and Merit
  5. Works are being awarded solely by the points given by the judges. We do not care how many get what award. As long as it deserve one, it will be awarded. So in one competition, there will be more than one of a certain award.
  6. For example, if it is a more serious competition, where everybody has put in more effort time, we will expect there will be more silver and Gold, or even Platinum award.
    If it is more of a fun build competition, we expect more Bronze and Merit award.
  7. Besides that, we usually do not take age  of the person or age of his modeling life into consideration. We give award merely based on points.
  8. In other words, the award are ONLY reflect on the work the modeler join in as entry. It doesn't reflect the modeler that much.
    For example, even in a very fierce competition situation, if your work deserve a Gold, it will get a gold  regardless of how many other Gold will be given to other entries. With a simple reason: Your work is good means your work is good. It will not drop or raise any position just because somebody else has more fantastic or worse work than yours.
  9. Same, if you r a newcomer, it doesn't mean because some veteran old farts (Huhu) joined, it means ur work has been pushed to a corner. Your work will still get awarded as it deserved, in the eyes of the judges, regardless of other people
  10. In short, it is a competition with your own-self.
  11. Some may even find it easier to understand by seeing it as an exam paper or report card (Personally, I. H.A.T.E. I.T!!! Hahahahaha)

We do the criteria and standard based on Bandai's Gunpla competition. The awards standard is as below:
  • Platinum - 1000– 971pts   Top notch work, it’s near perfection in the fundamental work, creativity and presentation. Work like this is an instant classic and modeler around the world will talk about and treat as reference and even benchmark
  • Gold - 901-970 pts  Outstanding work, with very few flaws in the 3 criteria. A work people will adore and remember would be one of the piece that win a spot on the podium
  • Silver - 900 – 751 pts  Very good work, may display some flaws in the 3 criteria. This may demonstrate that the modeler mastered the basic work but need further improvement, consider strong opponent in competition, definitely giving pressure to other competitors
  • Bronze - 750 – 501 pts  Good work, it would appear that the modeler avoided some significant errors, might not shining star in competition level, however it has its own characteristic that make it suitable for exhibition, display and sharing
  • Merit - 0 – 500 pts  Completed work, this award may display that the modeler have mastered fundamental work but lack in one or two of the criteria

The points are given based on these 3 categories:
  • Fundamental Works (350 pts) - Seamline, Nip mark, Surface finishing (paint job), Panel line, Decal, etc
  • Creativity & Modification (350 pts) - Color scheme, Modification, Scratchbuild, Kitbash, Diorama, Special effect, etc
  • Presentation (300 pts) - Photography (For future online judging competition), Story telling, Diorama, Display, Posing, etc 

For more information and enrollment, please visit our official page:
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Google form for enrollment:

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