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MML Competition: It's All About RESPECT! - Part #1 The Origin

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The Glory Moment

 photo 281120102875 copy.jpg Since 2008 when I got my first time share of the podium, until 2013 when i call it a "retirement" in competition,  I had my share of the top 3 position in every Bandai organized year end event (Except 2009 which i was one of the judge n being prohibited in joining). So what respect I am talking about? Respect of prize winner he deserve? They don't get the respect they deserve?

No, not really about that. It's about something else.

One year when i was participating, there were a few entries in the competition floor which i think are very close contesting for a spot in the podium. 5 or 6, if i remember it well.

If i were to judge, these 6 pieces points would be very close; close enough to let the final little luck be the very crucial deciding factor. I was very impressed and awed by these entries and fully aware they r giving some fierce competition to my own entry.

Finally, the result were announced. As expected, 3 of them shared the joy n glory (n money, huhu) of being a spot on the podium. The judges had made their decision which I think wasn't any problem, for these 6 entries as i see it, points would be very close and the judges had got to pick the 3 they think would be on the podium.


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I Think They Deserve Respect From The Organizer

 Am i complaining? Or was I? No, I was one on the podium taking photos with nice Gunpla girls, banking in the 4-digit bank check, replying Facebook congrats messages, and busy selling off the special edition free kit i got. I was in no position to complain.

But, i realize something not right.

While busy shaking hands n talking to old n new friends, i realized the owners the 3 entries which I saw as great competitors, were there getting ready their carton box, dismantling their entry kit and getting ready to go home. No, there was no sign of unhappiness or sore losers I saw. They did congratulated me, laughed at jokes together; no complaints nor dissatisfaction rant or whatsoever. They accept the result/judges decisions gracefully, like real gentlemen.

But, i still think something's not right.

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 photo ER-1.jpgFor great entries like that, I think they deserve more; more than just there waiting the organizer to open the display cabinet so they can pack their work and go home. Of course, with works like that, they have gotten a lot of respect and recognition by other modelers; lots of photos r snapped, shared, and liked in social media. Many praises and reference taking from other modelers. To me, yes, this are the ultimate respect a modeler could get: the recognition, acknowledgement, adoration from fellow modelers; but why can't the organizer also give at least a tiny bit of that to the participants?

I am not complaining about the organizer. I fully understand it can only stretch its arms to a certain extend; it cannot please the whole world. What I am thinking, does the participants deserve to get some recognition from the organizer of the event they put in so much effort in participating? It would mean something to them.

This is because, not everyone join competition merely for the prize money; recognition and accomplishment are part of the many reasons too. Besides that, despite how veterans see the event being an event for boosting sales, many still see this event as a "competition" no matter how much they try to understand it. Sometimes people just cannot change their perception even though they understand the reasons.

The Birth of MML Concept Competition

That's when the MML competition concept blossomed.

After studying some competition and judging format of various IPMS (International Plastic Model Society) and AMPS (Armor Modeling and Preservation Society) and I am impressed with the multi-award method they used in some of their events. It's a judging and award scheme that give credits to EVERY eligible contest entry. Awards are given based on the judges points, hence, every single piece that s judged will get an award, and the type of award is depended on the points the judges gave. Of course, they usually still have those special prizes for specially acknowledging very outstanding works, just like conventional Gunpla competition, but what got me excited is the first part of it.

I have written another post solely for the MML judging:

 photo bakucman.jpg  photo 63567dd6h729a6f82a8a5amp690amp690.jpg  photo img_6324_1.jpg  photo GX9_1977_JPG.jpg
At the initial stage, I had faced many obstacle introducing this judging scheme to the gunpla community. Members felt very alienated to these concept of judging. I even got into aggressive argument that "If there is no champion or 1,2,3 postition, that is NOT a competition" kinda stuff. I realized some sees the opportunity to feel standing in a higher position than others is important, and usually these people will reject the idea, which will somehow in general reduce the difference in height between them and other contestants.

 photo trophy.jpg However, luckily, Malaysia modeling community by majority are very down-to-earth and humble people. Despite facing some obstacle, there are also many who supported it. Those whole hearted wish for the best for the community instead of personal gain. For this I sincerely thank everyone of them. As a result, the last year and part of 2014, I had been introducing this judging scheme in various modeling groups  and with the help of these generous people (For their time, effort, and money), introducing this judging scheme to more member/modelers as an alternative scheme as to the conventional one.

So now, with help of many people, admins of various Facebook modeling groups, people who has influence and persuasive power, join force  in setting up this league of modelers (We call ourselves Malaysia Modelers League); we are trying to create something we might not able to do alone; the cross-Facebook modeling group event: the 1st MML Competition: Hero vs Villian.

Let's hope we can unfold a new page in Malaysia Gunpla Community history.

Please do join us and make history!!!!

For more information and enrollment, please visit our official page:

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