Monday, June 13, 2016

Kronos The Harvester - COTT Build Off WIP#6

 photo P6112728.jpg

Huhu, after absent for 3 months, here it comes a little wip update. Well, not much of wip to many, but this is something new to me.

In the past, i had nvr done this: assemble the whole thing after priming. This is mainly due to the way i construct my kit; too many small little parts that relies on glue during the final assembly process. Hence, a "temporary" assembly is a painful job for me.

Besides, due to my sweaty palm, and oily too, i usually refrain myself of touching the primed parts (The final stage, after initial rounds of error checking).

So, this is a very new experience for me, to connect parts together after primer; and well, i must say that the result is definitely mesmerizing, aside from the pain during assembling it.

Yeah, grey tone does immediately enhance the physical appearance of the kit. nice shadow to highlight all the detailings, and yet, leave rooms for imagination of colors. Probably the only drawback is the final colored one will not live up to the expectation after seeing the primed edition. Hohohohoho, but dont care, i am having fun here!

And probably i think this will not be the last kit i will be doing that: just need to adapt to this new process in work.

So here are the photos, of my 6th wip, which is not much of a wip....

 photo P6112657.jpg  photo P6112660.jpg  photo P6112661.jpg  photo P6112664.jpg  photo P6112665.jpg  photo P6112666.jpg  photo P6112668.jpg  photo P6112670.jpg  photo P6112671.jpg  photo P6112674.jpg  photo P6112675.jpg  photo P6112678.jpg  photo P6112679.jpg  photo P6112683.jpg  photo P6112686.jpg  photo P6112687_1.jpg  photo P6112698.jpg  photo P6112694.jpg  photo P6112695_1.jpg  photo P6112698.jpg  photo P6112699.jpg  photo P6112703.jpg  photo P6112706.jpg  photo P6112710.jpg  photo P6112722.jpg  photo P6112723.jpg  photo P6112724.jpg  photo P6112725.jpg  photo P6112726.jpg

Now this is part of the painful parts.... all the loose parts that i didnt put in.......
 photo P6112732.jpg

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