Wednesday, June 11, 2014

Zoids Penguinassious - Core fighter GB 2010

This is a project for the year 2010 Core Fighter Group Build.

The main purpose of this group build is just to build something light n easy n fast; well, the best subject would be a 1/100 core fighter, that's found in almost every MG Gundam.

It started as such a small n free-n-easy project, but eventually it'd gone way overboard... well, that's another story of sweat n blood, and which got use the first n only Malaysia champion in group category.
For my part, Since i really do not fancy any plane-like object, I d decided to make my core fighter into a mecha-like machine. Just realised it does looks a little like a bird, so in the end, i decided to make it into a mecha in the zoids universe: A Penguin inspired war machine; that is atransformable amphibious machine.....

Well, of course it didn't get any recognition in Bandai's Competition.... Hahahahah!

I decided to make a packaging box for it too :p

Dont really have a proper wip or work log for this.... there r some pictures i'd taken during the building: zoids-penguinassious-wip

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